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Special Session I: Curved and High Resolution OLED Displays 10. Image Quality Evaluation and Enhancement
Special Session II: Oxide TFTs 11. Large Area Displays
Special Session III: LTPS TFTs 12. LC Technologies
04. Display Electronics and Systems 13. LEDs and Lighting
05. Display Manufacturing and Equipments 14. Nanotechnology-based Processes and Displays
06. Display Optics - 3D Displays 15. OLED
07. Display Substrates, Components and Materials 16. Organic Photovoltaics
08. Emissive Displays and Rugged Displays 17. Touch and UX Technologies
09. Flexible Displays and Stretchable Electronics    
01. Special Session I: Curved and High-Resolution OLED Displays
All aspects of advances specialized in the curved and high-resolution OLED displays and related current issues:
OLED technology for mobile products or TV applications with the curved and high-resolution panel; Structure for the curved OLEDs; Manufacturing Issues; Thin-film encapsulation technologies; Flexible or Bendable substrate; Driving scheme of OLED for high resolution OLED TV or mobile products; Novel high resolution patterning processes for TV and mobile; Driving methods or circuit design for the curved and high resolution OLEDs; High resolution masking technology; Evaporation technology for high resolution products; Requirements for the curved structure; Next-generation OLED applications.
02. Special Session II: Oxide TFTs
Advances in all aspects of oxide thin-film transistors including fabrication process, device structure, analysis technique, and system application:
Novel active-matrix LCDs & OLEDs for TV, monitor, note-PC and mobile devices with oxide TFTs; High performance oxide TFTs and system-on-panel; novel functional applications with oxide semiconductor; Evaluation for oxide materials and devices; Theoretical and experimental analysis; Novel oxide semiconductor materials, structure, and devices.
03. Special Session III: LTPS TFTs
Advances in development and implementation of low-temperature polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors backplane technology for all kinds of displays and electronic devices:
Process including substrate (rigid and flexible), pre-cursor materials, crystallization (melt-mediated and solid phase), defect passivation (plasma treatment and thermal annealing), metallization etc; Cost-effective equipment with enhanced throughput for large area substrate; Device structures with reduced process steps and performance including high mobility, improved uniformity, and long-term stability (NBTI and PBTI); Implementation of high resolution and large area AMLCD/AMOLED (circuits for pixels and peripheral drivers) and other new applications.
04. Display Circuits, Systems, and Applications
Progresses in driving methods, driving electronics, display panel peripherals, TFT circuits, and system design technologies for display devices and new display applications::
Driving methods and circuits for display devices; Driver ICs; Image signal processors; Image quality enhancement methodologies and systems; Display interface technologies; All other display circuits, systems and new applications
05. Display Manufacturing and Equipments
Material issues in display process including synthesis or deposition of emerging materials; Process technology for display including thin and thick film deposition, etching, and cleaning; Process technology for emerging displays; Display equipments including deposition, pattering, printing, etching, cleaning and plasma; Manufacturing issues for breakthrough in the display such as performances, cost reduction, and throughput
06. Display Optics - 3D Displays
3D Display systems including stereoscopic / autostereoscopic / multi-view / super-multi-view / volumetric / holographic displays; 3D contents generation including 3D image capture and 2D-3D contents conversion; User-interaction with 3D displays; 3D image formats and standards; 3D image compressions; Measurement and performance evaluation for 3D Display; Human factors; and optical technologies for various display systems and devices including LCD and OLED, signage, wearable and near-to-eye displays, backlight unit, and transparent displays
07. Display Substrates, Components and Materials
Glass, plastic, metal, or steel substrates for displays; Transparent electrode, flexible display components, e-textile display; Light emitting materials, quantum dots; Materials for the improvement of device efficiencies; Materials for emerging display; Display device with new concepts
08. Emissive Displays and Rugged Displays
All aspects of emissive displays, devices and materials including field emission devices and technologies, plasma display and technologies, and electroluminescence displays. Ruggedized displays for environmental harsh conditions, such as high pressure, low pressure, space, high and low temperature, and military application, etc.:
Field emission display, plasma display, electroluminescence display, carbon nanotubes for field emission devices, novel devices with plasma technologies; Photo-luminescence and cathode-luminescence materials, devices and application for displays and imaging; Inorganic ELs, X-rays, PRTs, VFDs and scintillators; Luminous efficacy improvement materials and technologies for emerging devices and displays; Lighting technologies with field emission and plasma discharge technique; Field emission and discharge theories, fabrication process for emissive devices and displays, evaluation technique for emission materials; Ruggedized display and ruggedizing technologies of display for environmental harsh operation conditions
09. Flexible Displays and Stretchable Electronics
All aspects of flexible displays and stretchable electronics:
Advances in organic semiconductors (both small molecules and polymers) and flexible oxide semiconductors; flexible and stretchable conductors; flexible and stretchable barriers for passivation; flexible and stretchable substrates; organic TFTs and flexible advanced TFTs; fabrication processes including printing process; device physics; measurement and characterization of thin film transistors and sensors; driving methods; various display modes for electronic papers
10. Image Quality Evaluation and Enhancement
Advances in display image quality evaluation, enhancement, human factors and display measurements:
Image quality evaluation; Image enhancement algorithms and technologies; Color image processing; Color management and control; Display system performance; Perception; Human factors; Display measurements; Display-related standards; Color in displays; Characterization of displays
11. Large Area Displays
All aspects of large area display which cover all system technologies, devices and related applications:
Projector-based large area display, rear-projection display, flat panel display, laser panel display, laser scanning display, large area virtual display, large area free-form display, tiled display system, multi-panel system and their designs for specific applications; Components of sequential reflective LCOS microdisplays (SLMs), light sources, optical components, and projection screens
12. LC Technologies
Advances in the basic research and development of liquid-crystal related materials, phenomena, optic effects, electro-optic effects, and devices:
Liquid crystal materials, alignment controls, LC-modes, modeling and devices; Advanced LC technologies for high-performance LCDs, transparent LCDs and reflective LCDs; Fast switching LCDs such as optically isotropic LCs, flexoelectric LCs, ferro-/antiferro-electric LCs and biaxial LCs, etc.; LC-polymer and LC-nanoparticle composite materials and devices; Other LC-related electro-optic devices
13. LEDs and Lighting
LEDs for display and Solid-State Lighting:
Advanced materials and epitaxial structure, novel processes, low-cost high-power packaging, and new device designs for high efficiency LEDs; New development of LED display, solid-state lighting, and LED convergence applications including white LEDs, back-light unit(BLU), substrate, phosphors, optics, heat dissipation, design of processes, characterization/reliability, standardization/certification, photometry, advanced technologies for LED light mixing/driver IC, engine/cooling/optics, and ocean/agricultural/medical/IT/bio/smart/automotive lighting modules
14. Nanotechnology-based Processes and Displays
Inorganic and hybrid nano-materials for display applications; Low dimensional carbon & metallic nano materials for displays; Nano-based high resolution patterning and processes; Plasmonics and nanophotonics for displays; Nano-scale molecular electronics
15. OLED
OLED Materials (small molecules, dendrimers, and polymers); OLED device structure (lifetime, efficiency); Device physics and characterization including Interfaces; OLED display manufacturing issues; OLED fabrication processes; Solution processed OLEDs; p-type and n-type doping technology; Electrodes (transparent electrode, flexible electrode, graphenes); Encapsulation technology
16. Organic Photovoltaics
Photovoltaic materials (organic, DSSC, organic/inorganic hybrid), device physics , interfaces and contacts, morphology, degradation and lifetime; Low-cost large area printing technology, electrodes (cathodes and transparent conductors), and encapsulation technologies
17. Touch and UX Technologies
All aspects of recent developments on touch and input technologies including material, component, circuit, system integration, and touch gesture & motion control:
Touch panel related materials, devices and systems; touch controller design and integration, display-integrated touch systems (in- and on-cell touch panels), very-large-scale integration of touch for consumer products, dual- and multiple-touch systems and their adoption; Existing, new, and emerging touch applications; Interactive user Interface, new user interface technologies with motion/gesture sensing and feedback
Last Updated April 2, 2014