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On-line Registration is now available. (Deadline: August 8, 2014 )

Please take the following steps to register via on-line program.
1. Please click the On-line Registration button.
2. Log in with your ID and PW.
3. Click the ‘Registration/Status’ button.
4. Click the ‘Register’ button located on the bottom of the page.
5. Complete the On-Line Registration Form provided and  proceed the payment according to your choice.

• After completing your on-line registration and the payment, you will receive a confirmation letter from the IMID 2014 Secretariat which includes your registration number and other necessary information via e-mail. If you do not receive the letter within a week, please contact us on reg@k-ids.or.kr or +82-42-472-7464.

IMID 2014 Registration
• Ms. A-Young Kim
• E-mail : (reg@k-ids.or.kr)
• Tel : +82-42-472-7464 / FAX : +82-42-472-7459
Last Updated July 31, 2014