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Instruction of Hotel Reservation
For all participants of IMID 2013, the organizing committee has reserved sufficient rooms at Hotels listed below at discounted rates. To take advantage of these discounts, participants are kindly advised to make an on-line hotel reservation via the On-line Reservation webpage.
Reservations should be made before August 9, 2013. In case of reservations made after this date, we may not assure the conference hotel rate shown below.
Hotel Information
Hotel Name Room Type Block No. Room Rate Remark
Normal Rate Discount Rate
Hotel Inter-Burgo EXCO Double 100 190,000 KRW 120,000 KRW
Twin 100 240,000 KRW 130,000 KRW
NOVOTEL AMBASSADOR DAEGU Double 10 501,000 KRW 165,000 KRW
Twin 10 501,000 KRW 165,000 KRW
Eldis Regent Hotel Double 14 150,000 KRW 100,000 KRW
Twin 6 180,000 KRW 120,000 KRW
* Note on the Hotel Reservation
  1. Room Rate is already Tax included but additional service, taxes and charges may apply.
  2. The hotel assignments will be made on a first-come and first-served basis.
  3. All rates are fixed in KRW, per room per night.
  4. Room charges and other individual charges will be made directly by hotels in checking out.
  5. The exchange rate(selling cash) is KRW 1,074 to the dollar as of Jan. 25, 2013 and it fluctuates daily.
  6. One night deposit must be guaranteed by credit card in order to secure your reservation.
      Total amount of the hotel fee will be charged directly by the hotel when you check out.
Cancellation Policy
a. Cancellation up to 7 days prior to your check in date
: No Cancellation penalty
b. Cancellation from 7 days to 2 days prior to your check in date
: 20% charge of 1 night room rate
c. Cancellation from 2 days before check in day to 18:00 on the check in date
: 50% charge of 1 night room rate
d. Cancellation or No show after 18:00 on the stipulated day of arrival
e. After that, reservation is cancelled automatically
* If your hotel deposit has been guaranteed with a credit card, it will be charged to your bill when checking out, but one night deposit will be charged to cancellation without prior notice.
* Any cancellation should be informed by e-mail or fax to the Accommodation & Tour Secretariat in advance.
Last Updated June 17, 2013