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    The IMID 2016 Committee cordially invites you to submit papers for oral and poster presentations. All papers will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee and assigned to the appropriate session for oral and poster presentations.


    IMID 2016 Topic

    01. Special Session I: Solution Processed OLEDs 11. Image Quality Evaluation and Enhancement
    02. Special Session II: High Mobility Oxide TFT 12. Large Area Displays
    03. Special Session III: Stretchable/Wearable Electronics and Displays 13. LC Technologies
    04. Special Session IV: AR (Augmented Reality) / VR (Virtual Reality) 14. LEDs and Lighting
    05. Special Session V: Automobile Display 15. OLED Displays
    06. 2D Materials for Display 16. Plasmonics and Metamaterials for Display
    07. Active-Matrix Devices 17. Thin Film Photovoltaics
    08. Display Electronics and Systems 18. Touch Technologies
    09. Display Manufacturing and Equipments 19. Transparent &Flexible Displays
    10. Display Optics - 3D Displays 20. Quantum Dots
    (as of April 26, 2016)

    Conference Topics

    1. Special Session I: Solution Processed OLEDs

    All aspects of advances in the solution processed OLED materials and device technologies; Soluble OLED Materials (Emitters, Host, Injection Layers, Dopants); Device Architecture for Efficient and Reliable OLEDs Fabricated by Solution Process (Tandem, Light Extraction, Optical Design, Energy-Level Engineering, Inverted Geometry, etc.); Device Physics and Characterization to Investigate the Difference between Solution Processed OLEDs vs. Thermally Evaporated OLEDs (Transport and Injection Process, Interfaces, Photophysics); OLED Manufacturing Processes utilizing Solution-Process such as  Ink-Jet Printing/Patterning; Electrodes (High Stability Cathodes, High Work-Function Anodes, Transparent Conductors); Flexible and Transparent OLEDs Fabricated by Solution Process; White OLEDs and Lighting Fabricated by Solution Process; Standards and Policy, etc.

    2. Special Session II: High Mobility Oxide TFT

    Advances in development and implementation of all aspect of amorphous oxide related semiconductor thin film transistors; Novel Active-Matrix LCDs & OLEDs for TV, Monitor, Note-PC and Mobile Device with oxide semiconductors; Backplane Technology for AMOLEDs & High Performance LCDs; Micro & Nano-crystal Oxide TFTs; Transparent TFTs; Evaluation for Materials and Devices; Theoretical and Experimental Analysis; Novel active materials, process, structure, analysis, and devices. In particualr, this topic includes high mobility, stablity, crystallinity, oxide & devcie defects, and other related issues.

    3. Special Session III: Stretchable/Wearable Electronics and Displays

    Advances in the innovative development of stretchable electronics, enabling new applications for wearable devices such as patchable E-skin sensors and foldable/stretchable displays; All aspects of stretchable / wearable displays and electronics, including materials, designs, modeling, novel processes, and technologies that will enable the fabrication of fully elastic electronic devices. Specific applications that will directly benefit from highly compliant electronics, including TFTs and circuits, optoelectronic devices for displays, and sensors.

    6. 2D Materials for Display

    Graphene and 2D materials for displays and flexible electronics; Advances in synthesis, characterization methods, processes, and device applications of 2D materials, Issues in commercialization of graphene and 2D materials.


    7. Active-Matrix Display

    Advances in development and implementation of active-matrix backplanes and all of displays & devices with active-matrix backplanes; Active-Matrix E-Papers, LCDs & OLEDs for TV, Monitor, Note-PC, Mobile Device and all informative displays; Novel and High Performance Active-Matrix Display Devices and System-on-Panel (SOP); Backplane Technologies for E-papers, AMOLEDs & High Performance LCDs; LTPS TFTs; Micro & Nano-crystal Silicon TFTs; Oxide TFTs, Organic TFTs; Carbon nanomaterials & 2D layered materials based TFTs; All aspects of solution processed & printed TFTs; Quantum dot TFTs, Perovskite TFTs, other rising semiconducting materials for TFTs.

    8. Display Electronics and Systems

    Progresses in driving electronics,  panel peripherals, and system design technologies for displays and sensors including touch panels; TFT circuits: Driving methods and circuits for display devices and systems; Driver ICs; Image signal processors; Image quality enhancement methodologies and systems; Display interface technologies; TFT circuitrs; Driving electronics of touch panel; All other display circuits, systems and new applications.

    9. Display Manufacturing and Equipments

    Advances in Process and Equipment technologies for displays: thin and thick film deposition, lithography, etching, cleaning, printing, and various plasma applications; Process & equipment technologies for new and emerging displays including flexible & wearable applications; Display equipments including deposition, lithography, printing, etching, cleaning, and various plasma applications; Manufacturing issues for breakthrough in the displays such as performance, cost reduction, high throughput and flexibility; Material issues in display process, including synthesis or deposition of emerging materials; Process & equipment technology for display circuits and interfaces.

    10. Display Optics - 3D Displays

    Advances in 3D Display Systems and Optics: 3D Display systems including stereoscopic / autostereoscopic / multi-view / super-multi-view / volumetric / holographic displays; 3D contents generation including 3D image capture and 2D-3D contents conversion; User-interaction with 3D displays; 3D image formats and standards; 3D image compressions; Measurement and performance evaluation for 3D Displays; Human factors; Optical technologies for various display systems and devices including LCD and OLED, signage, wearable / near eye displays, backlight units, and transparent displays.


    11. Image Quality Evaluation and Enhancement

    Advances in display image quality evaluation, enhancement, human factors, and display measurements: Image quality evaluation; Image enhancement algorithms and technologies; Color image processing; Color management and control; Display system performance; Perception; Human factors; Display measurements; Display-related standards; Color in displays; Characterization of displays.

    12. Large Area Displays

    All aspects of large area display which cover all system technologies, devices, and related applications; Projector-based large area displays, rear-projection displays, flat panel displays, laser panel displays, laser scanning displays, large area virtual displays (HMD/HUD), large area free-form displays (floating displays/holographic displays), tiled display systems, multi-panel systems, and their designs for specific applications (signage, vehicle); Components of micro panels, light sources, optical components, and projection screens.

    13. LC Technologies

    Advances in the liquid-crystal sciences and technologies; Liquid crystal Materials, Alignment controls, LC-Modes, Modelings, and Devices; LC Technologies and Materials for Flexible Displays; LC-Polymer and LC-Nanoparticle Composite Materials and Devices; Advanced LC Technologies for High Performance LCDs, Transparent LCDs and Smart Windows, Reflective and Transflective LCDs; Bi-Stable LCDs, Fast switching LCDs such as Optically Isoropic LCs, Flexoelectric LCs, Ferro-/Antiferro-electric LCs and Biaxial LCs, etc; Colloidal LCs and Their Applications; Other LC-related Electro-Optic Devices.

    14. LEDs and Lighting

    LEDs for display and Solid-State Lighting; Advanced materials and epitaxial structures, novel processes, low-cost high-power packaging, and new device designs for high efficiency LEDs; New development of LED display, solid-state lighting, and LED convergence applications including white LEDs, back-light units (BLUs), phosphors, optics, heat dissipation, design of processes, LED driving circuits, characterization/reliability, standardization/certification, photometry, advanced technologies for LED light mixing/driver IC, engine/cooling/optics, and lighting modules, Novel Convergence technologies for ocean/agricultural/medical/IT/bio/smart/automotive applications.


    15. OLED Displays

    All aspects of advances in the OLED display and lighting technologies; OLED Materials (Emitters, Host, Injection Layers, Dopants); Device Architecture for High-performance and Reliable OLEDs (Tandem, Light Extraction, Optical Design/ Color Characteristics, Energy-Level Engineering, Inverted Geometry, etc.); Device Physics and Characterization (Transport and Injection Process, Interfaces, Photophysics, Modeling and Key Parameter Extraction); OLED Manufacturing (Printing/Patterning, Pixel Architecture, High-Throughput Large-Area Deposition); Electrodes (High Stability Cathodes, High Work-Function Anodes, Transparent Conductors); Flexible and Transparent OLEDs; White OLEDs for Displays and Lighting; Encapsulation, Reliability, and Scale-Up; Applications, Standards and Policy.

    16. Plasmonics and Metamaterials for Display

    All aspects of interdisciplinary research and technology developments in plasmonics and metamaterials for display applications; Physics and modeling of optical metamaterial and plasmonic systems; Interdisciplinary metamaterial and plasmonic research for display applications; Plasmonic color filters; Dielectric metamaterias and metasurfaces; Active optical metamaterials; Graphene plasmonics and metamaterials; Fabrication, characterization and measurement technology of optical metamaterial and plasmonic devices; Future application of optical cloaking and transformation optics with metamaterials for displays; Novel concepts, phemomena and applications of optical metasurfaces and metadevices.

    17. Thin Film Photovoltaics

    Thin Film Photovoltaic materials, device physics, interfaces & contacts, morphology, processes, degradation, lifetime and performance; Recent progress in Photovoltaic materials and devices for Si, compound, organic, dye-sensitized, perovskite, and organic/inorganic hybrids. High efficiency device technologies, light-weight flexible devices, earth abundant low cost materials, low-cost/large area printing technologies, electrodes (cathodes and transparent conductors), and encapsulation technologies.


    18. Touch Technologies

    All aspects of recent developments on touch and input technologies including materials, components, circuits, system integrations, and touch gesture & motion controls; Touch panel related materials, devices and systems; touch controller design and integration, display-integrated touch systems (in- and on-cell touch panels), very-large-scale integration of touch for consumer products, dual- and multiple-touch systems and their adoption; Existing, new, and emerging touch applications; Interactive user Interface, new user interface technologies with motion/gesture sensing and feedback.

    19. Transparent & Flexible Displays

    All aspects of transparent and flexible systems: displays, devices, and materials; Advances in the transparent LCD and OLED panel design, user experience/interfaces and processes for the haze reduction, transmittance improvement, high-pixel density and large size application; flexible substrates including substrate handling technologies, flexible backplanes (LTPS TFTs, organic and oxide TFTs, other TFTs), thin-film encapsulation technologies, fabrication processes including vacuum and printing process; transparent and flexible electronics-related device physics, measurement and characterization.

    20. Quantum Dots

    Recent progresses in semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots for display applications; Quantum dots for display applications; Stability of quantum dots and QD enhancement film; Optical properties of quantum dot films; High color-gamut light emitting devices based on quantum dots; Down-conversion / electroluminescent devices; Solid state lighting and lasers; Quantum rods and nanoplatelets.