i'M in Display (Special Photo Exhibition)

The IMID 2019 Special Exhibition will be held at the Hwabaek International Convention Center, Gyeongju, Korea from August 28 (Wed) to 30(Fri).

In particular, "i'M in Display" Photo Exhibition is meaningful as it is the first event to be exhibited at the IMID 2019. Through this Photo Exhibition, we hope to bring an amazing experience for participants to share the moments of new discovery in the field of information display. This will allow us to get the artistic beauty of discovery as well as technical knowledge.

"i'M in Display" is open to anyone who wants to participate. Particularly, we encourage the participation of universities, research institutes and companies in the field of information display. The several interesting and imposing photographs will be rewarded. Don't miss the chance! To participate in Photo Exhibition, please fill out the application form and submit it through the "i'M in Display" Photo Submission System.

i'M in Display Information

Theme Amazing moments of the new discovery in the field of information display
Schedule August 28(Wed) ~ 30(Fri), 2019
Venue Exhibition Hall, HICO, Gyeongju, Korea
Application Deadline June 30, 2019 July 14, 2019 July 21, 2019
Applicable Materials Photographs related with display development or fundamental research (e.g., microscope photographs, SEM photos, Equipment photos, etc.), Graphical simulation results or drawings, graphs, illustrating a display-related concept or phenomenon.
How to Apply 1) Log-in the "i'M in Display" Photo Submission System : http://www.cy-mice.org/imid2019/default.php
2) Complete the application form and submit the photos at "i'M in Display" Photo Submission System.
     * Maximum file size is 10MB

* The several interesting and imposing photographs will be rewarded.
* IMID will provide Starbucks Coffee Coupon to participants who submit their photograph at the submission system(first come, first served basis)

i'M in Display Awards

i'M in Display Awards Ceremony

- Date and Time : August 29 (Thu.) / 14:30
- Place : 1F, Exhibition Hall, HICO

Prize NO. Photo Title First Name Last Name Affiliation
Gold 1012_2 Neuron In-Hwan Baek Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Gold 1014 Blooming Snowflake (Tantalum(Ta) Buckling Pattern) Nuri On Hanyang University
Silver 1035 Flower Garden In The Sea Of Liquid Crystals Doyeon Lee Sungkyunkwan University
Silver 1018_2 Origami-inspired Modular-pixel Joint Display Kunio Sakamoto Konan University
Bronze 1037_1 A Person Falling Into The Swamp Of Love seung hyun Jeong Hanyang University Graduate School
Bronze 1039 A Mouse In A Silvernanowires (AgNWs) World Jaeyoung Yoon Seoul National University
Incentive 1024 Drift Ice With Icebreaker Sung Min Kwon Chung-Ang University
Incentive 1032_1 Lollipop Planet Dongseok Lee Hanyang University
Incentive 1033_1 Crystal Planet Young Kyo Seo Hanyang University
Incentive 1030 Summer Night Sea Jeong-Wan Jo Chung-Ang University
Incentive 1036 The Pretzel Suk-Ho Song Sungkyunkwan University
Incentive 1038_1 1um-pixel-pitch Display Backplane Ji Hun Choi ETRI