Exhibition Guideline

The IMID 2019 Special Exhibition will run in conjunction with the conference program and offer the exhibition opportunity to interested companies and organization as shown below. The exhibition creates an unparalleled opportunity to promote your products and service face-to-face to attending delegates from all around world.

To secure your booking and to ensure you gain the best possible promotional location, please download and fill out the form and contact the secretariat now (imid@k-ids.or.kr).

Exhibition Schedule

August 28 (Wed.) – 30 (Fri.), 2019 / 3 days


Exhibition Hall, HICO, Gyeongju, Korea

Exhibition Itspans
    • Materials and components related to electronic display
    • (Glass, Color Filter, BLU, Polarizer Film, Drive IC, OLED Material, LCD Materials, Touch Panel Materials, etc.)

    • Instrument for electronic display
    • (Measuring Instrument, Test System, Equipment for Manufacturing Electronic Parts and Components, Simulator, etc.)

Organized by

The Korea Information Display Society (KIDS)
Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA)

Exhibition Fee

KIDS/KDIA Membership KIDS/KDIA Non-Membership
Independent Booth
(Space Only/6M*6M)
Prefabricated Booth
(Standard / 3M*3M)
Independent Booth
(Space Only/6M*6M)
Prefabricated Booth
(Standard / 3M*3M)
(By April 30, 2019)
$3,200 $1,300 $5,200 $1,700
(By June 30, 2019)
$4,200 $1,500 $6,200 $2,000
(From July 1, 2019)
$4,800 $1,650 $7,200 $2,200

※ The exhibition fee must be paid by August 1, 2019.

How to Apply

Booth Information



Independent Booth

- Only provide exhibition space (6M X 6M).
- Please select the company's contractor to install your own independent booth. We only provide space
   and electricity.

Prefabricated Booth

- 3m (W) x 3m (L) x 2.5m (H)
- Place on upper part of signboard
- 2 Information Desk / 2 chair
- Lighting and 1KW of Power for 1 Booth

Benefit for Exhibitor

Refund Policy

Bank account

Account Holder Korea Information Display Society (KIDS)
Account Number 1010-1197-8797
Bank Address 22, Teheran-ro 7Gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea, 06130
Branch Managing the Science & Technology Center Branch

Contact us

Korean Information Display Society (KIDS)

Tel : +82-2-563-7992 l Fax : +82-2-556-3396 l Email : kids@k-ids.or.kr

IMID 2019 Secretariat Office (Genicom, PCO)

Tel : +82-42-472-7460 l Fax : +82-42-472-7459 l Email : imid@k-ids.or.kr