Special Tour

IMID 2019 prepares Special Tour for participants. Gyeongju is the one of the historical city in Korea. Through Special Tour, You can see beautiful night view of Gyeongju.

* Shuttle buses will be operated for Special Tour.
* You can apply for Special Tour when you make a registration. (First-come, first-served basis.)

Hwangridan-gil Street

Hwangridan-gil is a place which located in Gyeongju city. Nowdays, It has been a famous Gyeongju tour course on Social Network Service (SNS). The alley in Hwangnam-dong, Poseok-ro, Gyeongju, North Gyengju Province, and Hwangnam-dong is called 'Hwangridan-gil.' This place has become an exotic alley, with opening of sensuous cafes, restaurants, and shops. Many of the famous shops in Hwangridan-gil have been open for less than a year. The alleyways of Hwangridan-gil are still being transformed. Walking along the Hwangridan-gil, people feel like they're looking for a treasure.
Hwangridan-gil is located nearby Gyeongju's historical sites such as Daeneungwon and Cheonmachong. Also, there are many han-ok (traditional Korean houses) next to the sites, which bring Han-ok Village to your mind. Hwangridan-gil is a jewel-like place where Korean beauty and exotic mood coexist.

* You can watch the video about Hwanglidan-gil Street here.

Gyeongju Dongguang Palace and Wolji Pond

Gyeongju Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond were the secondary palace site which was used for the palace of the Crown Prince along with other subsidiary buildings. It was also a banquet site for important national event and important visitors. After the fall of Silla, the site was abandoned and forgotten. The pond was referred to as "Anapji" during the Goryeo and Joseon period. In the 1980s, pottery fragment with letters "Wolji" (a pond that reflects the moon) carved onto it was found, revealing the true name of the pond. After the discovery, the site was renamed to the current Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond.

* You can get more information here.