Date : August 27th (Tue.), 2019


- Place : Room B (103+104)

The tutorials are aimed to provide introductory courses for newcomers to the information display technologies. The tutorials provide audience with five basic topics: Basic and Issue of Micro LED, OLED, LTPS and Oxide Backplane: Fundamental, Process, Device, Application, Quantum Dots and Their Application, and Stretchable Material and Electronics.

Time No. Title Speaker
10:00~11:20 1 Development of Transparent MicroLED Display Dr. Charles Li (PlayNitride, Taiwan)
11:20~12:40 2 OLED Optics and Recent Advances Prof. Chung‐Chih Wu (Nat'l Taiwan Univ., Taiwan)
14:00~15:20 3 LTPS and Oxide TFT for Next Generation Display Prof. Yukiharu Uraoka (NAIST, Japan)
15:20~16:40 4 Quantum Dot Chemistry, Physics, and its Applications Dr. Jake Joo (DuPont, USA)
16:40~18:00 5 Organic Conducting Polymers for Bioelectronics Prof. Fabio Cicoira (Polytechnique Montreal, Canada)

- Place : Room C (105)

The workshop is aimed to provide in-depth analysis on fundamental and latest advances in the important display technologies. At IMID 2019, the workshop provides audience with four advanced topics: AR/MR Technologies, Perovskite EL Technologies, Micro-LED Technologies, and OLED Microdisplays.

Time No. Title Speaker
10:00~11:30 1 Recent Technical Trends in AR/MR Technology Dr. Soon-gi Park (LetinAR, Republic of Korea)
11:30~13:00 2 Low Dimensional Metal Halide Perovskites and Hybrids Prof. Biwu Ma (Florida State Univ., USA)
14:30~16:00 3 ITRI's Micro LED Development Progress for Signage, Gaming and AR Applications Dr. Yen-Hsiang Fang (ITRI, Taiwan)
16:00~17:30 4 OLED Microdisplays for Smart Eyewear and Sensing Dr. Uwe Vogel (Fraunhofer Inst., Germany)